Testing Day!

Figure Skating

Today Keara tested her U.S Figure Skating Pre Juvenile Freeskate. Not only did she pass but she passed With Honors from all 3 judges!!! Woohooo! Do you Know what this means? She will be competing doing double double jumps this season! Stay tuned… this is going to be one AMAzing season!!!! 💕

Here is a picture with Coach Mandy

Axel Contest (UPDATED)

Figure Skating

Keara recently entered into an axel Contest via icoachskating.com. Stay tuned to see if she will be part of the online voting. Here are the rules and the icoachskatings website. https://icoachskating.com/icoachskating-axel-contest/

Here is the video she submitted.

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(UPDATE) Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the final rounds, but I did make the top 1/2!! This is the email I received from icoachskating. You bet I’ll be entering future jump contests. Are you a figure skater and have amazing jumps?!? If so stay tuned and you can enter the next contest too!!

We want to THANK YOU for entering the 2018 iCoachSkating BEST AXEL Contest!  We had HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of videos sent in (we were overwhelmed by the awesomeness of all the videos)!!

Your video made the top half!!   WOOHOO!!!   (But, we only had room in the finals for the top 6.)

CONGRATULATIONS on having a fabulous axel!  You should be VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF!  We hope you participate in our future events (soon to be announced:  BEST OF:  2S/2T/2Lo/2F/2Lz/2A/3S/3T/3Lo/

Past 2 weeks

Figure Skating

Keara is determined to test and compete at Pre-Juvenile well balanced this season! Determined enough she shared these on her Facebook page. Keara posted Monday 10/17/18

“On Monday I tried a new jump! It’s an double salchow single Axel 🤗😁”

On Tuesday this.. “The first video is a double toe loop Axel. The second jump is a double toe”🤗😃

then Wednesday she sent me this.

Here is to a successful couple weeks!