2017 Upper Great Lakes Non-Qualifying Regional Competition

Figure Skating


On October 19–23, 2016 Keara and I ventured down to Graham Ice Arena Complex in
Rochester, Minnesota for the 2017 Upper Great Lakes Regional Competition. It was a weekend FULL of Figure Skating! Thankfully our hotel was right across the street from the arena so it made it a little easier.


All ready for her competition!

Here is a professional video of Keara’s performance at 2017 Upper Great Lakes Competition!! You can see right at the beginning she slipped in her 2nd loop. It was supposed to be loop, loop. Unfortunately that jump was a component for this level so she didn’t get the points. Needless to say missing that component, skating up a level and getting 10th out of 14 is AWESOME!!!!! We are lucky to have 3 amazing coaches working with Keara. Mary, Tamarah, and Rodrigo THANK YOU!!!!!

You can view the official results RESULTS HERE

Her group was Pre-Preliminary Girls TT – FREE SKATE – Group C on page 6


Thanks for following Keara’s Journey XOXO


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