Out with the OLD, in with the NEW


Yesterday we spent he day in Minnetonka for the 2017 Sunflower Classic Competition Info here. Here is our day in review.


Woke up at 5:3am to get to 7:00am practice Ice. Lets just say she wasn’t in a great mood!


Keara and her coach Tamarah all ready to start the day! ❤


Keara and one of her coaches Rodrigo ❤

First order of business was her No Test Compulsory at 10:40 am


Placed 4th

2nd Competition was her No Test Free Skate that she had at 1:48 pm.


Keara placed 2nd out of 7 kids. Largest group she’s competed against.

That is our day in review. It was a long, fun, productive day. Now that this competition is over we are starting a NEW journey. Keara is retiring her “Potter Waltz” and getting a NEW song for her Freeskate program. In addition to that we have retired our old club jacket and are beginning a NEW journey with another club.We have also made a coaching move and asked our secondary coach Tamarah to be Keara’s Primary coach and she said YES!

We are very excited to start this next Chapter in our lives.

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