Keeping the balance

Figure Skating, Life of a Skater

People often wonder …how does Keara skates so many hours during the day, 45 min minutes away from home and still have time for her studies? It’s simple! She doesn’t have a set 8-3pm school schedule being home schooled. For example: Keara wakes up at 5am everyday but Wednesday’s. She gets on the ice at 6am and skates till 9am. We get home around 10-10:15am. She does school work on the 45 min ride home from the rink and when we get home. Around 1pm we take a rest break where we watch a show on TV and lay down. After that it’s back at it… if it’s nice they go place outside for a few hours then it’s dinner, washing up and back to school to do math at 6:30pm. Bed at 7:30pm so we can get up and repeat the day…weekends are are a day to “catch up” if need be. 

Here is a picture of Keara working on math this evening at 6:30pm

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