And with a flick of a switch..

Figure Skating

Tuesday a light switch went off. Keara has been struggling  with a mental block that caused her not to fully rotate in her axel. She would put her foot down early. If she was on the pole harness she would do amazing axels without the coach lifting her at all. As soon as he took the pole away she would go back to the same old ways.

This has gone on for months. Her coaches kept telling her she could do it and how amazing her axels were when she was on the pole harness. But No matter what anyone said something was stopping her.

How do you tell someone to do something that completely freaks them out? I know I can’t imaging jumping in the air, crosssing my feet and arms and rotating 1.5 turns backwards in the air. I can understand the fear. 
Keara has shed many tears over this darn axel. Anytime I’d bring up the axel she’d get this look on her face that I can’t describe. Almost like a disappointment. I even went as far as doing psychological work with her to find out what was going on and what scared her so much about the axel. Along with applying essential oils constantly. Mainly at 5am before leading to the rink. Weve been doing this for weeks. 

The funny thing is she was able to do a double salchow. The salchow is the same as an axel but has a three turn before it. So they are very similar. 

Her coaches never gave up and no matter how frustrated they got or us as parents. They kept pushing her so she could reach her goal. One of her goals was to get her axel while she was 8 years old. So she can start nailing her doubles. Her long term goal is Junior Nationals by 2020. 

Well a light switch went off Tuesday 5-9-17. This day is one to be remembered. Keara landed 12 perfect axels!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t there to get a video 😞 However Wednesday I walked into the rink to witness her land the most amazing axel. When I saw her do it I got goose bumps on my entire body. The look she gave me showed accomplishment and excitement. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. She came and told me to watch her do I decided to video. And what did she do?? She nailed the AXEL!!!! I’ve watch his video over and over because it’s amazing! After she did that her coach had her do a combination jump axel/toe loop. See the videos below. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts as she continues towards her long term goal!


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