Figure Skating

The eve before her 9th birthday 

On the eve before Keara’s 9th birthday she smashed 2 more goals! Keara’s coach Cassidy said she wanted her to land a Clean double Salchow or a cheated double loop before she turned 9 years old. Well I’m happy to say she nailed BOTH!! Keara can proudly say she has her axel, double salchow, and double loop at the age of 8 #onestepcloser #shesonlyeight  #usfsa

4 thoughts on “The eve before her 9th birthday ”

  1. You are AMAZING….and right on target for making your dreams come true. Not many can accomplish these skills at your age. Stay dedicated, keep practicing….and ENJOY what you’re learning and where it’s taking you.


  2. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS KEARA!!! I hope this is the best one yet!! Huge hug, my best wishes and keep being kind, loving, cutely shy and talented. May all your dreams come true. Much love.
    Rodrigo. ⛸🎂❤️🎁🎉


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