Skated personal best at Regionals.

Figure Skating

Finally returned home after Regionals. Keara competed on Thursday but didn’t qualify for final round. She placed 5th in her group and they only took the top 2 from each group. Regardless she ended the season with her BEST performance yet!! You can view her performance here..

She received a 1st and a 3rd from 2 out of 5 coaches which is awesome! She didn’t trust herself when landing her double Toe so she 2 footed it. Even though she’s landed that jump a million times!! Oh well.. here is to a new season and finishing this one off with her personal best!

Elements in program in order:

Axel, combo spin, double salchow-loop jump, axel-1/2 loop-flip jump, step sequence, double toe jump, double salchow, single spin.

Comment below she’d love to hear what you thought!! Here are a few pics from his week.

Results from competition she’s on page 7.

Thank you #sk8mix for some amazing music!

2 thoughts on “Skated personal best at Regionals.

  1. Keara Angel!! That was AMAZING! You have progressed so much in such a short time, it’s astounding. I hope you know that no matter what you place, you are nothing short of amazing, and you’ll always be in 1st place in all who love you’s eyes ♥️

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