Another Test Passed!

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Today Keara came one step closer to her goal. She passed her Preliminary Free skate test with flying colors! She received extra points and walked away with a 5.4!! Here is a link to US Figure Skating to learn more about their tests.


We received this email below from US figure skating this evening. To say she’s excited is an understatement. She’s now ready to compete at Preliminary Well balances where she will be doing double jumps plus her axel. She can’t wait to compete with her NEW program and dress 😉

Dear Keara,

Congratulations on passing the Preliminary Free Skating test!

The U.S. Figure Skating test structure is the backbone of participation in figure skating, and you should feel proud of this accomplishment. Passing this test allows you to compete at the preliminary level in nonqualifying competitions, and opens the door to many new opportunities.

Each official U.S. Figure Skating test that you pass is a permanent achievement that goes on your U.S. Figure Skating record. In addition, with each test that you pass, you become one step closer to achieving the highest accomplishment in testing, passing your senior or gold test. Skaters who achieve that goal earn the title “U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist,” which they carry forever.

Here is to the next step! Xoxo

2017 US Figure Skating S.T.A.R.S Program


Yesterday we spent the day in Rochester, MN and participated in the 2017 US Figure Skating S.T.A.R.S Program. It was a combine assessment that measured strength, power, flexability, agility, coordination and balance. We were able to see Keara’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to focus on improvement for off-ice training. We will get a detailed report end of Aug or beginning of September with percentile score for each test and how she compared with all other participants….stay tuned!

Taken from US Figure Skating’s website: 2017 S.T.A.R.S FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: What is S.T.A.R.S.?
A: S.T.A.R.S. (Standardized Testing of Athleticism to Recognize Skaters) is a U.S. Figure Skating program designed to standardize testing of the athletic abilities that support development of on ice skills. The goals of S.T.A.R.S. are to promote the athletic development of our athletes and keep them safe and injury resistant by training their bodies ahead of the on-ice skills curve.

Q: What areas of fitness are measured during the S.T.A.R.S. tests?
A: There are three primary areas measured: 1) Agility/Balance/Coordination, 2) Strength/Power, and 3) Flexibility.

Here are a couple highlights from our day.

The trainers were impressed 🙂