Training in Colorado Springs, CO

Figure Skating

This week Kiki is spending time training in Colorado Springs! She will be spending many hours on the ice training with some of the best coaches at the World Arena Olympic training site.

I want to start off by thanking 2 businesses that have supported Keara and have helped to get her to this week. Thank you Peak Heating and Cooling and Precision Steel Rule Die! Without your support this wouldn’t have been possible!

Here is a mini example of her day:

430am wake

5:30am arrive at arena

5:55-7:30 skate




3:30pm arrive at arena

4:00pm-6:15 skate



Sound like a fun day? Keara things so! She’d actually LOVE to do this more often!

Here are some photo highlights ❤️





World Showcase Ice Show

Figure Skating

This past weekend Keara had the opportunity to skate in Maple Grove’s 18th Annual Ice Show. She had a group number and a solo performance. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and 1 out of 2 shows were cancelled on Saturday. However I was able to get a video of Friday nights rehearsal of her solo.

Even though the performances were cut short she had a great time hanging out with fellow skaters in the locker room. Her younger sister’s large Dream Duffel dance bag was a hit! Room for others to hang their costumes and carry everything we needed in one bag; skates and all. Now she wants her own Dream Duffel. However I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need a large one. So thanks Dream Duffel! The bag was a hit among fellow skaters!

Hard work and Dedication

Figure Skating, Life of a Skater, Training

On February 28th Keara landed numerous BIG, Beautiful, perfect Double Salchows. After that her coaches asked her to do it with the arm up feature. SHE DID IT!!! It looked awesome! Below are both videos. #hardwork #doublesalchow #proudparents #usfigureskating

Her coach posted this on his Facebook page.

This morning my girl Keara started landing “real” 2S and hitting every single one of them. Then Mandy asked her to try with the arm up feature and we can say is not too shabby for the first time! Go Keara!! So proud of you!!