Where has the time gone? I

Figure Skating

Hard to believe my last post was so long ago! Where did summer go? We’ve been getting back into a school routine so that’s part of the blog silence. The other part is…life is crazy at times. Feels like I blinked and summer was gone!

I’ll be posting some back vids and pics but this is the latest and greatest. I shared on my personal page and neglected to share here!! This is from Friday… Keara is currently getting ready for the 2019 Upper Great Lakes Regionals in Peoria IL Oct 3-7 2018.

Got the best text today from Keara’s coach! Gotta love the spontaneous ones 😂 she landed double loop and double flip!! Only doubles left are 2 Lutz, 2 axel!!

Axel ✅

Double Salchow ✅

Double toe loop ✅

Double loop ✅

Double flip✅

Double lutz

Double Axel



Training in Colorado Springs, CO

Figure Skating

This week Kiki is spending time training in Colorado Springs! She will be spending many hours on the ice training with some of the best coaches at the World Arena Olympic training site.

I want to start off by thanking 2 businesses that have supported Keara and have helped to get her to this week. Thank you Peak Heating and Cooling and Precision Steel Rule Die! Without your support this wouldn’t have been possible!

Here is a mini example of her day:

430am wake

5:30am arrive at arena

5:55-7:30 skate




3:30pm arrive at arena

4:00pm-6:15 skate



Sound like a fun day? Keara things so! She’d actually LOVE to do this more often!

Here are some photo highlights ❤️